Grabado Anatomía Lámina 1. Gras y Cª. 1885. Esqueleto Humano.
Grabado Anatomía Lámina 1. Gras y Cª. 1885. Esqueleto Humano.
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Ref. P.G1.P.GRA.2972.Anatomía01Gras
Ref. P.G1.P.GRA.2972.Anatomía01Gras

Tema: Anatomía
Autor: Desconocido
Época: Segunda Mitad Siglo XIX
Año: 1885

Conservación: Buena
Medidas [Alto x Ancho]  
26,6 x 33,9 cm.

Editor: Gras y Compañía. Editores. Madrid.
Impresor: Desconocido

Descripción: - Engraving corresponding to Plate 1 of Anatomy, belonging to the Popular Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts, made by Federico Gillman, and formed according to the Iconographic Encyclopaedia and the Conversations Lexicon of Germany.
- The engraving shows the complete human skeleton, seen from the side.
- In the upper margin is the title "ANATOMY", and in the upper right-hand corner is printed "Lam. 1", which identifies it as engraving number 1 of a series on Anatomy.
- In the lower margin are the identifications of the different parts, as well as the imprint "Gras y Compañía. Editors. Madrid".
- Chalcographic etching on steel, although another technique could also have been used.
- Made in black monochrome tone, very well inked, centred with acceptable margins and with a good stamping.
- It is very important that the engraving has a distinctive mark, mark or contrast in order to be able to identify data such as the engraver, the artist, the place where it was printed and other details.
Conservation and damage:
- General condition Good.
- The engraving is on thin paper of fair quality.
- The paper is dirty, with several rust stains on the back right side.
- The engraving has small tears and creases at the edges and tips.
- If a cleaning is applied to it, the result could be very acceptable.

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- Engraving ideal as a decorative element.
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