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Grabado Brandis. Tirol. Austria. Thiénon. Cholet.
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Ref. P.G1.P.GRA.2777.Brandis

Tema: Paisaje de Austria
Autor: Desconocido
Época: Primera Mitad Siglo XIX

Conservación: Buena
Medidas [Alto x Ancho]  
20,5 x 13 cm.

Editor: Desconocido
Impresor: Desconocido

Descripción: Technique: Hard water intaglio on steel.
Edition: Unknown.
Print run: Unknown
Period: First half of the 19th century.
Sizes: Paper: 20.5 x 13 cm.
(H x W) Image: 13.6 x 9.1 cm.
- Engraving by Brandis, in the Tyrol Tyrol is one of Austria's nine federal states. It is the third largest Austrian state and the fifth largest in terms of population. It is divided into two geographically separate areas, North Tyrol and East Tyrol.
- All titles and signatures are outside the plate. The Draughtsman is unknown.
- In the upper margin it has the legend "Tyrol - Tyrol".
- In the lower margin it has the legend "Brandis - Brandis".
- In the upper right corner it is printed with the number "9", which suggests that the Engraving is the number 9 of a series.
- In the lower left corner, outside the plate, the number "3" is printed together with the word Tyrol. We understand that this is a sub-series, where there would be several engravings of the same State-City.
- In the lower right corner, the engraver signs as Cholet.
- In the lower left corner, the Draughtsman signs as L. Thiénon.
- In the lower margin, in the centre, the director signs as Lemaitre (Augustin François Lemaître).
- Augustin François Lemaître: French engraver, lithographer, designer, editor and photographer. He depicted many landscapes, monuments, architectures and people, especially during his many travels around Europe.
- The engraving is intaglio, and could have been done on an etched steel plate, although a different technique could have been used.
- Made in black monochrome tone, very good in ink
- It is probably an engraving belonging to a book.

Conservation and damage:
- General condition: Good.
- The upper side of the paper does not maintain the parallel to its opposite side, resulting in the paper of the Engraving having an irregular shape.
- There is a strip of paper stuck to the top of the paper.
- The Engraving has a thin and regular quality paper.
- It is very well inked, and has a good printing. The side margins are wide.
- The Engraving has suffered from humidity, so the paper has damp spots and rust spots.
- The Engraving is dirty, having the edges quite a bit dirtier, with very small tears, and the ends slightly deteriorated with slight folds.
- If you apply a light wash and bleaching, the result would be very good.

Comentarios: - The measurements are approximate.
- Ideal as a collector's item and a decorative element.
- The fact that the engraving has a distinctive mark or contrast is of great importance in order to identify data such as the engraver, the artist, the place where it was printed and other details.
- Because it is inevitable that there will be differences in tones between photos and reality, you should bear in mind that the tones of the colours in the photos are not exactly the same as the tones of the real colours.
- The Engraving on sale is the one that corresponds to the photos, which in turn are complemented in this Description, with the aim of providing a better knowledge of the Object, and never being a detailed exhibition of it.
- The data provided here are not contrasted personal opinions.

Papel >> Grabados >> Grabado Brandis. Tirol. Austria. Thiénon. Cholet.
Papel >> Grabados >> Grabado Brandis. Tirol. Austria. Thiénon. Cholet.
Papel >> Grabados >> Grabado Brandis. Tirol. Austria. Thiénon. Cholet.
Papel >> Grabados >> Grabado Brandis. Tirol. Austria. Thiénon. Cholet.
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